Our Success is 'Rooted in People'

Where it started

Our India Team

Trees have had a symbolic meaning to us as our executives and our teams have been planting them at many of our offices, like India seen left, to place our roots and make a commitment to the communities we work in.

For us, our success is 'rooted in people' as they are our innovators, helping us grow as a company, much like a tree. 

Our People Promise


​​​​​​​This connects to our Corporate Strategy as we make a promise to our people that together, we make a difference, are empowered and feel included to create a culture at Ciena that has a sense of happiness, belonging and vibrancy. 

At the roots of our tree are our promises to enable an environment where together, we make a differenceare empowered and feel included.

The roots are joined at our tree trunk that represents how “Together” we can make these come true. Our branches connected to the trunk and roots are the programs we offer to make this a reality.

Then, our leaves symbolize the outcomes we can achieve - an environment full of happiness, a sense of belonging and vibrancy.

Our Conditions

See how at Ciena, together, we make a difference, are empowered and feel included.
Make a Difference
Fueling the common desire to make a meaningful contribution, and work for a company that’s impacting our world for the better. We operate at the leading edge of innovation and how we conduct our business - giving opportunities for people to get involved in different projects across all our functions. This promise is supported through our community engagement program, Ciena Cares, our partnership with Tree-nation to build the Ciena Forest and our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Be Empowered ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Providing context, trust, opportunities and resources, so that individuals have the chance to create their own outcomes. This promise is supported through our flexible working program, career & performance development programs, global wellbeing program, rewards, and benefits.
Feel Included Answering the critical need to feel recognized, valued and accepted because of – not in spite of – our differences. This promise is supported through our Inclusivity & Diversity program and our Inclusivity network groups – Women@Ciena, LGBT+, and Ciena Next!, for our early in career & new graduates.

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