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Don't stop learning

We value hard work and aspire to continually strengthen and support your growth and development—both personally and professionally.

We invest in our employees to help them grow in their careers - now and in the future.

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Learning and Development at Ciena

We offer numerous programs that help employees across all levels that range from formal to informal learning, including virtual and instructor-led courses, peer-to-peer learning, e-learning, micro-learning nudges, coaching, mentoring, and ongoing self-development courses. 

We leverage our technological expertise to digitize the learning experience and let our people learn at their own pace. Hundreds of online programs allow you to learn anywhere, anytime.
ciena employee using standing desk and smiling at the camera

Coaching and Mentoring

We believe that fostering a 'pay-it-forward' culture is crucial for both your development and company performance. We have invested in peer-to-peer learning via our mentoring program and digital coaching that delivers coaching in localised language, using phone, text, or video chat.

All of these programs provide the accountability, guidance, and feedback necessary to develop skills and leadership behaviors that help you thrive in your current role and hone capabilities for the long term.
ciena employee using standing desk and smiling at the camera

On-Demand Digital Learning

We celebrate diversity of thought, experiences, and learning methods. That's why we've partnered with Blue Ocean Brain to bring everyone at Ciena digestible learning bites right at their fingertips and with an external eLearning content provider to provide diversified learning experiences, such as practice labs, boot camps, eBooks, audio books and videos.  The content covers technical, soft skills, personal development, DEI, management, and leadership. With brand new content every single day, we'll make sure you grow with us - your way and at your own pace.
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Tuition Reimbursement

We offer tuition reimbursement allowances for courses leading up towards a degree or maintaining a degree relevant to your current position at Ciena, or a role you can potentially achieve in the near future. This includes tuition, books, materials, and lab fees related to the course or series of courses, within the allowance limit.
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