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Qualities of a Successful Ciena Candidate We asked our recruiters what common qualities led to the most successful hires.

Our talent acquisition team shares top qualities of people we look for at Ciena.

1. Can-Do Attitude

A can-do attitude and unrelenting determination can go far in Ciena. We love people that see hurdles as obstacles to overcome rather than dead ends. No matter how big a challenge, we'll support you by providing whatever you need to keep you moving forward.

2. Can-I-Do Attitude

One trait that pairs well with a can-do attitude is a can-I-do attitude. We're always looking for people with an insatiable hunger to learn and grow. Stay curious and keep searching for unique answers to problems.

3. People-Focused

People, both internal and external, have always been the focus of Ciena. 

Partnering with anyone from Ciena should be individualized, satisfying, and reassuring. We understand the needs of our clients and partners, allowing us to anticipate issues, prepare solutions, and surpass expectations.

4. Bold

We are a 'cup-is-half-full' kind of people. We're also known to redesign the cup, reimagining its shape like never before. 

Where our clients see problems, we see opportunities and transformative solutions. We are adept in crafting new answers to tired questions. 

5. Tech Engaged

We want people that own their field and know their stuff. We also want people who have the passion want to learn and grow in certain fields, even though they're not yet experts.

The level of creativity we operate at requires plenty of know-how and tonnes of out-of-the-box thinking. If there is an imaginative solution yet to be discovered, we will empower you to chase it. 

6. Leadership

A manager tells a team what to do. A leader influences success.

Everyone at Ciena is considered a leader, whether or not you have a team under you. You lead projects and relationships across the board. Your leadership will play a monumental role in the growth of our company. Together, we can grow when everyone is accountable for their own work.

7. Adaptable

We are at the forefront of digital transformation and our industry operates at lightning speed. People who are able to function or can even thrive in a fast-paced environment will succeed and grow at Ciena.
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